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Professional, Aggressive Trial Representation

At Foyles Law Firm, we provide a high level of family law, personal injury and civil litigation representation to people and businesses in Southern Pines and throughout the surrounding areas of North Carolina.

We protect the interests of people going through divorce and other family law proceedings. For people who have suffered injuries due to someone else's wrongful or negligent behavior, we provide aggressive representation in litigation and settlement negotiations. We represent people and businesses in a full range of civil litigation matters.

Attorney's with Extensive Trial Experience

Our attorneys have years of experience in North Carolina courts; experience that we put to work for all of our clients. Having an experienced trial lawyer on your side can significantly improve your position — even if your case never goes to trial. In a personal injury case, for example, insurance companies are much more likely to offer a favorable settlement if they know the plaintiff's attorney is ready and willing to go to trial.

We have extensive experience offering trusted legal counsel and professional representation to members of the military based at Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base. We understand how to manage family law and other legal matters for military members, including divorce, child custody and disputes over military pensions.

We offer comprehensive legal representation to our clients. Learn more about our areas of practice.

Contact Foyles Law Firm If you have been injured, are facing a divorce, or have a legal dispute that could end in litigation, you need an experienced trial attorney to protect your interests. To schedule a meeting at our Southern Pines office, call 910-693-0055 or contact us online.