Car and Truck Accident


Among the most common causes of personal injury claims in the state of North Carolina are car and commercial truck collisions. Even a moderately debilitating car accident injury can result in a trip to the emergency room, a hospital stay, surgeries, follow-up visits to doctors, as well as the need for physical and occupational therapy. In addition, car and truck accident victims frequently experience diminished earning capacity, lost wages, and incalculable pain and suffering. If you were involved in a car crash in Moore, Montgomery, Lee Counties or anywhere else in the state of North Carolina, the personal injury lawyers at Foyles Law Firm of Southern Pines can help you receive compensation for your injuries. Our top-rated personal injury team has an established record of success when it comes to getting our car and truck accident victim clients sizable settlements or jury awards.

Retaining A Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident in the state of North Carolina, chances are excellent that you will be contacted by the at-fault party’s insurance adjustor within hours of the collision. Insurance companies and their defense lawyers are aware that it’s easier to get you to settle for a lower amount in the hours immediately following the car or truck crash—before you’ve had a chance to speak to your own qualified personal injury attorney. The adjustor or claims attorney will offer you an amount that he or she will indicate is to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. You will only be able to receive the money if you sign a form waiving your right to pursue future damages. As many car and truck accident victims eventually find out, initial insurance settlement offers are not typically enough to fully compensate them for their injuries. At Foyles Law Firm, our goal is to ensure that our clients receive full remuneration for their accident injuries.

North Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys

When you retain the services of the personal injury team of the Foyle Law Firm of Moore County, our attorneys will not accept a settlement offer on your behalf until we’ve meticulously examined your entire case. That means reviewing accident reports, subpoenaing hospital records, deposing witnesses, conferring with crash reconstruction experts. Only after our attorneys have the full details of your crash and injuries will they discuss settlement amounts with insurance company’s adjustors and lawyers.

Free Consultation and Contingency Representation in NC

The car and truck accident personal injury attorneys of the Southern Pines Foyles Law Firm work on a contingency basis. That means that they only collect their fees if they are successful in winning a settlement or jury award. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of North Carolina’s premier personal injury law firms, contact our Moore County office at (910) 693-0055.

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