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Protecting Your Parental Rights In North Carolina

Whether you are a parent facing divorce or an unmarried parent seeking to formalize a custody agreement, the attorneys at Foyles Law Firm, PLLC, in Southern Pines, are ready to pursue your rights through the North Carolina civil courts. Our family law and divorce attorneys have forged their reputations by negotiating and drafting comprehensive parenting plans for their clients.

Finding Out What Is Possible

When you meet with attorney Jody Foyles at our Southern Pines office in Moore County, he will discuss with you what you believe to be in the best interests of your child. Additionally, he will examine the financial position of both you and the other parent. Once we have an understanding of your situation, he will explain your options and chart a course forward with you.

Judges tend to favor plans that involve the participation of both parents. Consequently, it is unlikely that a North Carolina court will deny either parent at least some level of visitation. When you are aware of what is and isn’t permitted, you will be able to make informed decisions that will be beneficial to your child.

Establishing Custody Orders That Work

In the state of North Carolina, the term “parenting plan” refers to a formal agreement that details the specifics regarding how much time a child will spend with either parent (custody or time sharing), whether one of the parties will be granted visitation and how much support will be provided by the noncustodial parent toward raising the child. Even when both sides are in agreement, however, to avoid misunderstandings, our family law attorneys recommend that the details be outlined in the divorce decree or in a formal parenting plan. When circumstances change, the plan can be revisited and modified.

Handling Legal Matters That Affect Your Child

Our family law attorney represents families in all child-related legal actions, including:

  • Custody, visitation and time sharing
  • Child support
  • Paternity testing
  • Military divorces and parenting plans
  • Modifications and relocation

Often, an agreement that made sense at the time of the divorce no longer suits the situation of one or more of the involved parties.  Foyles Law Firm, PLLC, represents individuals who are seeking modifications to existing marital settlement agreements through the courts of Chatham, Montgomery, Moore, Lee, Hoke, Scotland, Richmond and Harnett counties. Our veteran divorce modification lawyer can perform an assessment on your marital settlement agreement and determine whether a North Carolina judge is likely to consider a modification.

Successful Modifications In North Carolina Venues

A marital settlement agreement is a contract that you and your former spouse signed at the time of your divorce. Consequently, family court judges in venues like Lee, Hoke or Moore counties are unlikely to release you from the terms of your agreement without legal justification.

Attorney Jody Foyles will review your marital settlement agreement to see if it was fairly drafted and properly executed in the first place. Then we will examine other factors that might justify the modification that you are seeking. For instance, if you are paying a fixed amount of child support, but your ex-spouse has recently incurred a substantial increase in income, you may be allowed some relief under a marital settlement agreement modification. Acceptable grounds for modifications may include:

  • Increase or decrease in the income of either spouse or parent
  • A health crisis of either party
  • Special needs arising from the child
  • A geographic relocation of any of the parties
  • Discovery of mistaken paternity
  • Notices to vacate
  • Judicial injunctions or restraining orders

North Carolina family law can be complex. Allow a seasoned attorney at our law firm to examine your situation and determine whether or not a modification to your marital settlement agreement is achievable.

Speak With An Attorney Who Can Protect Your Rights

You don’t have to face these sensitive legal matters alone. To schedule an appointment with a lawyer at one of North Carolina’s premier family law firms, contact us online or by telephone at 910-693-0055.